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If no answer, please leave a message which includes your full name and AANA number so we can look to solve the problem before we respond.

Turn off Pop-Up Blockers

This site uses "Pop Ups" - if you're not familiar how to Turn Off  the "Pop Up Blocker" - the link below can help.  Simply copy and paste it in your browser window .  It is provided by Geek Squad - Best Buys IT Team!

Courses that are On-Demand and can viewed multiple times.   Once enrolled in a course, click on "My Learning" to view which courses you have enrolled in - then click "view this course" to enter that course.   

Registration and Credits

Is there a limit to how many credits I can get in a specific amount of time? If I subscribe now, can I earn 20 credits as quickly as I want?

-You can earn as many credits as we currently have. We add courses on a rolling month-to-month basis offering over 30 credits every year.

How many CEs have I completed? Where do I find this on the web site?

You have 2 options.  Simply log into your courses and check your certificates or your grades (80% is reqiured to get CE)

You can also check on the AANA website three to seven days after the beginning of the next month. Completed CEs are reported montly.

When do you report completed CEs to the AANA?

We submit completed CEs to the AANA monthly.  The AANA does allow "early reporting" for the month of July for CRNAs needing CEs to recertify.

I only need a couple CEs. Can I purchase just a couple CEs? What is the cost per class?

Yes, we have courses with as little as 3 CEs.  The cost per CE is $12.


Are there any written or article-style courses instead of the videos?

Yes, we have CRNA Today eJournal available for 2015 and 2016.  It is a monthly journal with articles written by CRNAs.  Articles are published each month and Post Test are only available at the begining of each month.

How many courses and hours of lectures are there for 3 CEs?

Each course is worth 3 - 12 CEs. The lectures are about 1 hour each and there is one lecture per credit. So, for 3 CEs you would have about 3 hours of lectures.

How many exams do you take for 3 CEs?

You take one test per CE for a total of 3 tests.

How many questions are there on each exam? What is the lowest score required to pass?

There are 10 questions on each exam. You need to get 8 of the 10 questions correct, or 80%.

Does the AANA allow 3 attempts to pass each test?

YES, so CRNA Today allows 3 attempts to pass each Post Test

General Information

I forgot my password. Can you help?

If you have forgotten your password, there is a button underneath the login text boxes. Just follow the directions given on the pages. If you are not able to retrieve or reset your password this way please send us an email.

NBCRNA CPC Core Modules

CRNA Today is a recognized vendor of the NBCRNA Core Modules.  You can click on NBCRNA Core Modules link above to see approved courses. 

Looking for NBCRNA Core Modules at a LIVE Conference?  NBCRNA Core Modules can also be found at State Meetings at a discounted rate.  Currently the MI State of Nurse Anesthetists is presenting Airway: NBCRNA Core Module #1.  If your State Association is interested in providing the Core Modules at their conference let us know.  We offer Live presentations at discounted rates.